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change is happening, but celebrities and politicians have solutions. these cool people own electric and hybrid cars. now my mayor wants to ban styrofoam cups. >> it is something we can do without. >> what is next? john: in the name of protecting earth, we have green tyranny. that is our show tonight. >> and now, john stossel. john: green tyranny is what we called this show, but tierney is a harsh word, a thing of dictatorship. a little over the top. most don't seem to rise to that. also, bans on pollution are actually a good thing, i'm glad government rules committee air and water cleaner. and i was a kid there was so much soot in the air, we didn't open the window. that has changed for the better. they change the water so much so that the rivers around manhattan are now clean enough to swim in. even here within sight of the empire state building within a short distance of millions of people flushing, i am willing to do this. it was freezing cold, but no longer so filthy. so hooray for the epa. so why do i use the phrase "green tyranny?" because government always goes too far. years
, citizens trying to make it. i know i had to do something. >> they speak to help to change the life of every child they encounter. in baltimore they provide tutoring for younger students and on the streets they are taking civic action, getting more than 500 signatures to get an anti-gang commission established in the city. >> i love what i can do to put a stop to violence. >> howard students are helping in efforts to challenge people to do something to save a teen. they helped build a memorial wall of bricks 374 teens struck down by gun violence including the senseless murder of a six-month-old baby. >> how in the world can a six-month-old baby be shot five times. we still go to homes and we say we are christians and we want to help the youth. we want to help those in trouble, but that baby, it's about howard university students spring break students coming out and rebuilding the memorial wall. making it beautiful for the families of this community. >> reporter: the howard students are just as outraged about the violence. at a high school they address it by encouraging teens build hell think
but the idea that comes from the classroom should be changed and we should spend more time being practical in the real world. >> that makes sense but if you don't have the background knowledge and you just know what you'd do by experiencing these firsthand that means you don't know how to fix your mistakes because he did and get the basic technical knowledge at school. >> my challenge is is the best way to sit in the classroom paying exorbitant amounts of money or could we get back more efficiently? john: next person. >> ideas graduated from school in indiana but is the engineering degree in human studies just as valid? it is not the same thing where does that misconception come from? to make sure people are wasting thousands of dollars? >> linking unemployment based on the major the most unemployed was psychology. john: i majored in psychology. next question? [laughter] >> i go to the york college of pennsylvania senate isn't schooling only practical to start your own business? i have to be certified to teach. >> to make an argume against the credentials. >> above a job out of college but
service, winds changed direction to a more northerly direction and that meant more air from canada picking up moisture from the atlantic. good news, spring is less than two weeks away. >> heather: that is good news. thank you. >> gregg: and all clocks go forward tonight. we lose some sleep. >>> another dangerous storm moving into denver and the plains now. this could be the biggest snowstorm of the year for that reason. accu-weather meteorologist is justin, i thought we said the last one was big one and they are getting bigger? >> two weeks and then we can finally hopefully coastguard into the spring. we are looking at major storm over the nation's midsection while the northeast gets a break and we have snow falling right now around denver looking at significant accumulations. this will be denver's biggest snow of the year. we typically see 55 inches here in the mile high city and only 33 but march, spring snowstorms bring the brunt of the snow. that is exactly what we are looking i-70 and i-80, blizzard conditions, winds topping 40-50 miles an hour. that means big time travel shutdowns. t
supported, opposed vouchers, but now you've changed your mind. >> yeah. you know, i'm a lifelong democrat, and when i was looking eyeball-to-eyeball with the mothers who wanted nothing more than what i wanted for my kids, which was to get a high quality education, i knew i didn't have spots in a high quality dc school for their kids to attend so i thought, you know what? i'm not going to stop this person from taking a $7500 voucher, by the way, less than what we were spending per kid in the district so that they could go to a cat lick or parochial school and get a great education. i was not willing to say to those parents, i'm sorry, you're going to have to continue to send your kid to a failing school while i try to fix the system. john: what you spent in the district is astounding. dc claims it's 19,000 per pupil, and cato says it's 29,000. that's 700,000 per classroom. where's the money go? >> well, this is one of the things that i found was that, you know, and you hear this a lot in the debates about education reform, you hear people all the time saying what we need in order to fix th
change. >> that is the hope. john: bosnian not talking about a new law. bring people in. >> the problem as we become so dependent. we really are hostage to a continuing and it may not. fertility rates to drop in worldwide coming to the central and south america. mexico is that the replacement rate now and falling fast. john: and singapore the government gives cash bonuses to mothers who have more babies. >> yes,. john: as a work? >> not really. it works a little bit, but it does not work enough. we were doing interviews in singapore and asking young women , or whatever you'd have a kid. we get up to a million dollars and we give up. she wasn't going to have a kid no matter how much because she sang, over time that is going to cost more than a million. what's a negative and hassle. john: why should we believe you to doomsayer's any more than the population bomb. there are too many babies. regarding everyone out, which is what i was taught in college. total nonsense. maybe this is not correct. >> we're just raising the issue. we have a problem. it can be a very serious long-term problem.
had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depresd mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chanti if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or otr mental health proems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, or if you develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. use caution when driving or operating machinery. comn side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. with chantix and with the support system it worked for me. >> john: lots of people in jails are here for drug use. people that make the law, many admit they use drugs. >> which are you ready to admit using marijuana in the past? >> the audience applause.
are funding robotic squirrels water melon queen tours. climate change musicals. pet shampoo products. this is my favorite, $350,000 on how golfers improve when there is a large golf hole. he found a loan $20 billion in total waste. i bet it's ten times that amount. i didn't mention the mars menu, we spend a million dollars every year. coming up with menu on mars if we ever get there. it's so easy to absorb these $85 billion in cuts and still have money left over from last year's budget. >> here is my concern concern. there is no question what you just showed, terrible government waste, but i'm afraid it focuses on the attention on these small programs, small number of programs relative to the major picture. i think the g.o.p. needs to win the argument first before we get what we actually need is entitlement reform. for instance, there was a kaiser family poll in january. while the american people said yes, we need to cut the budge. majority said we didn't need to cut social security and medicare. they opposed by majority increasing age of medicare from 65 to 67. >> gregg: but we don'
to prohibit the use are ten times more problematic. john: conducting trades is one thing that changed his mind. on this rate as what team broke into this family souse, shot their dog. once inside it did not find any drugs. the owner was just charged with possessing drug paraphernalia. >> we don't end up with dogs being shot. we end up with kids being shot. we end up with search warrants being served on the wrong home. innocent people on the other side of the door thinking that they are protecting their home. >> we should be kicking down more doors. john: white house drug czar adviser under president bush and clinton. >> they're not kicking the door of some restocking and to be on the accounts. they're kicking the door of somebody who is a violent person with a known history to be dangerous. john: when they get it right. sometimes they make mistakes and terrorize people. >> because that accident happened should not be the reason that we do away with the program. john: do awwy with it, says franklin. it did not stop drug use, but it created violence. tens of thousands of people dying. not becaus
: drug raids as changed. s.w.a.t. team broke into this family's house. shot their dog. once inside they didn't find any drugs. the owner was charged with possessing drug paraphernalia. >> we just end up with dogs being shot but kids beinghot. we end up with search warrants being served on the wrong home. innocent people on the other side of the door thinking they are protecting their home. >> we should be kicking down ore doors. >> paul was a white house drug czar. >> they are not kicking the door koor if somebody is smoking marijuana but they are kicking the door for a violent person. >> sometimes they terrorize people? >> because the accident happened should not be a reason to do away with the program. >> it didn't stop drug use but it created violence. >> tens of thousands of people are dying. >> john: because they get high on drugs about b because something is illegal it's sold on the black market. drug dealers can't call the cops if someone tries to steal their supply so they arm theirselves to the teeth. >> people get hurt. >> john: especially kids. drug gangs look for new re
. thank you very much. >> gregg: not much has changed. >> the senate approving a democratic budget in a late nightmare thon of voting. >> the ayes are 50, the nays are 59. >> senate has passed a budget. >> gregg: that was about 5:00 a.m. everybody it was bleary-eyed and it calls for nearly one trillion in tax increases and protecting safety net programs. it's unlikely to pass congress in the current form. no surprise there. shura, good to see you. was this meaningful or political theater and not very good theater? >> it was mostly political theater to be honest with you. i think the only meaning is the fact that the senate has not done one of these voter ramas and not tried to pass a budget in four years. once every four years, like a leap year but with a lot of the amendments going back and forth there was an opportunity for senators to put legislation on the table to force colleagues to vote and democrats say we put a budget on the table and we technically passed it. >> gregg: real fight is coming up the summertime? >> it's going to be two-pronged. you are going to have a debt ce
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)